Vendome Café, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1930s

Vendome Café, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1930sVendome Café, 6666 Sunset Boulevard, block from the Hollywood Reporter offices, opened May 1933. This was the first restaurant opened by Hollywood Reporter’s Billy Wilkerson who originally planned it as a gourmet paradise and specialty store but soon after the opening, Wilkerson made it a luncheon place and it soon became the most important place to lunch in town. Closed late 1938, and reopened as Ruby Foo’s.

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One Response to Vendome Café, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1930s

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Boy, those were the days. I think the stars were out and about more than they are today. Of course, we don’t have the stars nowadays like we did then, at least, not in my opinion!

    How’d you like to be lucky enough to see George Raft – always such a natty dresser – enjoying a sunny stroll on Sunset Blvd. after a meal at the Vendome in the Golden Age? I know I would!

    Those light poles in the background look like crosses.

    Thanks, Martin.