Willards restaurant at Los Feliz and Hillhurst – “Far Famed Chicken Steak Dinners”

Willards restaurant at Los Feliz and Hillhurst - “Far Famed Chicken Steak Dinners"I found this photo interesting for a couple of reasons. I love how this restaurant – Willards (at the corner of Los Feliz and Hillhurst, near the entrance to the Greek Theater) – bills itself “Far Famed Chicken Steak Dinners.” I’ve never heard of that expression before – “Far Famed” – perhaps they didn’t think their fame was big enough to be “world famous” but that their famed dinners at least went far…as what? The L.A. City Limits? This photo appears to be dated 1939.

willards - 4500 Los Feliz BlvdThis is the house that serves the chickens whose feet never touch the ground.


In 1940, this location became a Brown Derby restaurant.

Brown Derby Car Cafe 1941 brown derby los feliz Brown Derby Los Feliz postcard

Willard’s original restaurant opened 1928 at 9625 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles.

Willard's, 9625 W.Pico Blvd Los Angeles

willards chicken steak dinners



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6 Responses to Willards restaurant at Los Feliz and Hillhurst – “Far Famed Chicken Steak Dinners”

  1. Magarete says:

    Oh, once again, eating food whose “feet never touched the ground” isn’t appealing. But, I’m sure it was good eating, yes, if you didn’t read that first.

    “Far-famed.” Interesting, how they spoke in them olden days.

    • Hilary herth says:

      Spoke? As in corney advertising?
      Or as in Mid Atlantic like Katharine Hepburn?
      Unless you call it “Transatlantic” *dahhling*
      However I think you mean the corny adds lol!

  2. Hilary herth says:

    I was born at Cedars of Lebanon now Cedar Sinai. But the physical building is the Merrick building … that big now ugly blue scientology building. I went to Los Feliz elementary and was raised on Alexandria and Hollywood blvd. I am 100% native I still live here in east Hollywood on Ambrose and Vermont before I was on Kingswell and Hillhurts. I have seen this place through so many changes I just pray they do not tear it down like everything else around me. Do you know of the Crane building on Highland and Willoughby ? I have wonderful pics of the place inside and out. I never heard of anyone ever write about it. The Crane building had these amazing art deco side walks like the Security Pacific bank did. The one next to the Clem building on Wilshire and La Brea I remember they had glitter in them too and boy the really were something else like flashes of light I have never seen glitter like that in my life! I was young 2 or 3 or a last life lol. However sadly today they have not one sparkle left! Oh I really loved that . I’m 42 and feel like it was all yesterday!

    • Hi Hilary. Thanks for taking the time to share your memories. No, I don’t know the Crane Building so if you have any photos in emailable format, I’d love to see them!

  3. beachy says:

    Funny, I had not thought about the term far-famed for a long while, but we used to use it a lot – seems it fell out of fashion around the end of WWII – it just was another way of saying something was known far and wide but shorter to say far-famed. It was different then being world famous. Had not thought of the Oleander (OL) prefix for phones either in a long time!