Orson Welles at the Garden of Allah hotel

Orson Welles at the Garden of Allah hotel
Orson Welles lived at the Garden of Allah when he was working on “Journey Into Fear” (released in February of 1943, so he would have been there in 1942.) He had at least one love affair there, with the…”ahem”…actress-model Lili St. Cyr. In 1943 he rented the rooms directly below Alla Nazimova’s own living quarters while working on the movie “It’s All True’.” But Orson and Alla didn’t cohabitate peacefully; his round-the-clock work schedule clashed with her beauty sleep. Often awakened by the sound of Orson’s clanking typewriter and/or ringing telephone. Alla would respond by hammering on her floor with her walking cane. In time Welles left the Garden to rent a house on Woodrow Wilson Drive.

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