Culver Hotel, Culver City, Los Angeles, circa 1920s

Culver Hotel, Culver City, Los Angeles, circa 1920sThis is the Culver Hotel, which opened (originally as the Hotel Hunt) on September 4th, 1924. That day the headline of the Culver City Daily News read: “City packed with visitors for opening of Culver Skyscraper”—back then, a 6-story building constituted skyscraper status. It was built by Harry Culver, the father of Culver City, an area of Los Angeles which might have languished in relative obscurity had it not become the home of a little company called MGM. Most famously, this hotel was home to the 124 actors hired to play the Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz” (1939.)

The Culver Hotel at Washington and Culver was built in 1924

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One Response to Culver Hotel, Culver City, Los Angeles, circa 1920s

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    These are wonderful pictures! Especially like the 2nd pic. Shame the area doesn’t look anything like this anymore. Thanks for sharing these. Jean