MGM’s 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949

MGM's 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949If someone did invent a time machine, I have my list of time+places I’d visit, and near the top of the list would be this day: the 25th anniversary luncheon at MGM in 1949. (Of course, I’d probably get thrown out by security for being a stalker, but it’d be worth it.)

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3 Responses to MGM’s 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    And there’s Lassie in the middle far right corner. By 1949 his films were starting to wan and he was off the lot soon thereafter, so I’m very happy to see him still included here. Yes, “he.” Although Lassie (call name Pal) usually played a female, he was actually a very handsome male collie. Have seen other MGM luncheon shots that included Lassie, but not this one til now. He started my love for the breed. Thank you for this historic pic! Jean

  2. KV says:

    What was served, and who was sitting next to Gene Kelly?