View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga, 1937

View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga, 1937From the inscription, it looks like this was taken in 1937. But can you imagine climbing to the top of Topanga Overlook and gazing out across the San Fernando Valley and seeing . . . ONE TREE?!?! Well, obviously there are a few buildings off in the background, but this photo showing us all that empty land except for a single, solitary tree almost made me spit out my morning coffee.

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One Response to View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga, 1937

  1. marcia sletmoen says:

    Was the road to the right Van Nuys Blvd?
    I was born in 1937 & by the time I was 3 I lived in The Valley! We had a home built for $7,000.00. Seems to me that it went from ur pic to being a full blown residential area pretty fast!