Cecil B Demille’s check to Howard Hughes’ lawyer Neil S McCarthy, November 8th, 1957

Cecil B Demille's check to Howard Hughes' lawyer Neil S McCarthyCecil B Demille’s check to Howard Hughes’ lawyer Neil S McCarthyRichard H, sent me a scan of a check he won on Ebay. It’s from Cecil B DeMille to Howard Hughes’ lawyer Neil S McCarthy in payment for a couple of leases. Interestingly, I’ve always spelled it “DeMille” but his check says “deMille” but gives the address as “2010 DeMille Drive, Hollywood.” I know it’s a small thing, but I’m never sure of the correct spelling and punctuation, so this contradiction doesn’t help…especially when I google-mapped that address, and Google spells it “2010 De Mille Drive. http://bit.ly/1I5fMCW

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