Aerial photo Santa Monica beach and pier, 1924

Aerial photo Santa Monica beach and pier, 1924This 1924 shot gives us a rare aerial view Santa Monica beach and (one of the incarnations of) its pier. I believe at this time the pier was known as Pleasure Pier—that rollercoaster looks impressively large. We can also see how sparsely dotted those buildings are. There are still lots lawns and yards for people to romp around it. I hope they enjoyed all that space while they had it!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Memories: Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels had a house on the beach there and a daughter same age as I am, and I spent many hours there. Great memory. There were two stone lions in front of the house. I was also at Marion and W.R.’s “Beach House” – not exactly my idea of a little house on the beach, but to each his own. Hope you and Bob have a great day. Love, L