The White Spot restaurant, 5357 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

White Spot at 5357 Wilshire Blvd

The White Spot Café – 5357 Wilshire Boulevard, near La Brea. A popular 1920s eatery for teenagers, once located at 5357 Wilshire Boulevard, near La Brea. Though it closed around 1941, many old timers used to argue over which Los Angeles cafe first introduced the chili burger, the White Spot or Ptomaine Tommy’s. Chili burgers aside, the White Spot was famous in its day for their omelets smothered in chili. The cafe’s devoted following also used to drop in late at night for “midnight specials.” Bizarre Los Angeles Facebook

 Also at 5467 Wilshire and also 7266 Wilshire

White Spot at 5357 Wilshire Blvd White Spot

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