MGM’s women’s wardrobe department.

MGM's women's wardrobe department.Ah, the less glamorous work-a-day world of the dream factory: MGM’s women’s wardrobe department.

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One Response to MGM’s women’s wardrobe department.

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Always wanted to work at MGM in some capacity in its heyday (ideally as a screenwriter). Sad seeing the exterior now, but thankfully the original entrance on Washington with the columns is at least still there. A friend worked there in the ’70s and then went back a few years ago for a function (she’s no longer working there) and the changes were startling. Some she thought were for the good (more parking) but I prefer things left as they were. Who here wouldn’t love even just one day back in time to meet the wonderful galaxy of MGM stars! Thankfully we do have pics like these and Martin who shares them. Jean