Hollywood Blvd looking east toward Wilcox Ave corner, 1928

Hollywood Blvd looking east toward Wilcox Ave corner, 1928Looks like it’s a busy day on Hollywood Boulevard. In this photo we’re near the Schrader Blvd corner looking east. We can see the Warner Bros Hollywood Theater and the much smaller Iris Theater where a Lois Moran movie called “Don’t Marry” is playing, which dates this photo to 1928. On the left hand side at the corner of Wilcox Ave we can see the Innes Shoe Co. who had a hand in creating created Dorothy Gale’s ruby slippers for The Wizard Of Oz. But mostly I want that convertible roadster parked at the bottom right hand corner—especially if it lets me roam 1920s Hollywood!

A similar shot taken a couple of decades later:

Iris Theatre 6415 Hollywood Boulevard

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One Response to Hollywood Blvd looking east toward Wilcox Ave corner, 1928

  1. Hi Martin: I am so thrilled to see these since I spent so much time in that area when I was young. Brings back great memories. Re “Island In the Sun”: I think that was a Tab Hunter film. I’ve known him forever because he was originally an ice skater named Art Golein, and he lives near me in Montecito with his partner Alan. He is a really nice human being, I’m happy to say. Henry Willson (with 2 ll’s) renamed him & many of the young gay actors of the day – Rock Hudson comes to mind. Love, L