Rear view of Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd

Rear view of Brown Derby on Wilshire BlvdI’d like to thank Marie Escamilla for this one. We’ve all seen photos of the first Brown Derby restaurant – “Eat in the Hat” – on Wilshire Blvd but I doubt if many of us have seen it from this angle. When I saw this rear view, my first thought was oh-so-typically Angeleno: “They had all this land behind them and they didn’t turn it into a parking lot???” And we can see the Ambassador Hotel peeking out from behind the streets on the right of the photo.

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One Response to Rear view of Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd

  1. Oh, so many wonderful memories of Bob Cobb and his fabulous Derby restaurants.
    Gives me such happiness just to remember. Love, L