Entrance to Hollywoodland, 1927

Entrance to Hollywoodland, 1927The real estate development known as Hollywoodland opened in 1923, and here we can see the entrance in 1927. The building on the right just past the tower with the “Hollywoodland” sign on its roof was—and still is—the real estate office. I’ll post a photo of how this corner looks today to show not a lot has changed.

And this is how it looks in 2015:

Entrance to Hollywoodland 2015

Hollywoodland Real Estate Office:

Hollywoodland Real Estate Office

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2 Responses to Entrance to Hollywoodland, 1927

  1. These are amazing & great; thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you and Bob. Love always.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Walking (and/or driving) back in time. These photos are wonderful finds. Thank you. Jean