“Timely Clothes” at Tate’s, February 27, 1939

Timely clothes at Tate's, February 27, 1939Try as I might, I couldn’t find where Tate’s was, which is a shame because I love their neon sign. But what caught my eye was “Timely Clothes” – that’s a term I’ve never heard before. I did a search and found an advertisement for Mullen and Bluett who also sold “timely clothes.” Does anyone know what they are? Or is it just an old-fashioned word for “trendy”?

Timely Clothes at Mullen and Bluett, Broadway and 6th

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3 Responses to “Timely Clothes” at Tate’s, February 27, 1939

  1. David R. Ginsburg says:

    Timely Clothes, Inc. was a men’s clothing supplier incorporated in Rochester, NY. See: http://www.nytimes.com/1964/02/09/industry-takes-fashionable-approach-to-mens-clothes.html. It had nationwide outlets as late as 1964. It’s usage of “timely” meant “fashionable” or “in style”.

  2. Ah! Mystery solved. Thanks, David.

  3. David R. Ginsburg says:

    If you like, I can send you images of other stores using “timely” in that sense, as well as Timely Clothes’ registered trademark.