Hollywood Freeway grand opening, circa 1950

Hollywood Freeway - grand openingThis photo was captioned “Hollywood Freeway – grand opening.” The freeways were opened in sections. With the Hollywood freeway, there were various openings between 1940 and 1968, so I thought maybe the “grand opening” was for the final stretch, but these cars look 1940s. Regardless, it’s a disconcerting sight to see people walking around on an LA freeway. The next time we’re likely to see that is when we’re hit with the zombie apocalypse.

Andie Paysinger says: On the far left, the dark car is a ’50 Ford. I think the center front is an Imperial – front grill is distinctive and I think it is a 1950 or ’51 because the grill changed in ’52.

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3 Responses to Hollywood Freeway grand opening, circa 1950

  1. Wow! From my office in the Taft Building (working for Y&R) I could watch the construction of the Hollywood Freeway. Life was changing forever. Love, L

  2. PDQ says:

    The car in the fast lane facing the camera with what looks like balloons on the front is the “Topper Buick” which has an interesting story behind it: