Overhead shot of the “I Love Lucy” sets

Overhead shot of all the "I Love Lucy" setsHere’s a doozie for all us Lucy fans: this is an overhead shot of (a model of) the “I Love Lucy” sets. I’ve never really given much though to how they were laid out, but this does make sense!

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3 Responses to Overhead shot of the “I Love Lucy” sets

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Martin, as a long-time “I Love Lucy” fan, this pic is indeed a doozy! Interesting layout but like you said, it makes sense.

    Here’s another view with an audience and “No Smoking” sign.


    Enjoying your posts so much. Jean

  2. This set-up was conceived by Carl (Papa) Freund, as I recall. Papa was a renowned Cinematographer in Europe and a brilliant man.

  3. Just looked up Carl Freund on Google and I recommend the information to all film addicts.