Construction of Hollywoodland sign, 1923

Construction of Hollywoodland sign, 1923A photo like this doesn’t seem particularly interesting—a steam shovel, a couple of workers, and some guy on a horse—until you learn that they’re from the Crescent Sign Company and are building the Hollywoodland sign in 1923. As we can see, there is nothing around, so I’m curious about that almost-horizontal line cut into the hill behind them. Did they have to build a road in order to construct the sign? Otherwise, that poor horse would’ve had a tough time getting up such a steep slope.

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5 Responses to Construction of Hollywoodland sign, 1923

  1. I wonder when the Land part of Hollywoodland disappeared. Lou

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    How would you like to hike up there? This is what you’d see looking down –


  3. Suzi L. says:

    That is probably a fire road. The hills are crisscrossed with them