Griffith Observatory, Spring 1962

Griffith Observatory, Spring 1962This photo is one of those “slice of life” shots I like to post once in a while. This was taken at the Griffith Observatory in spring of 1962. Nothing special was going on that day, nobody famous is in the shot. but someone thought to take snap a photo as he and his family were walking to perhaps take in the astounding view from the observatory. What struck me about this photo was the colors, the automobiles, and the style of dress—it could be a still from a Hitchcock movie. 1962 was the era of “Psycho” and “The Birds”—that woman in green could easily be Kim Novak.

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2 Responses to Griffith Observatory, Spring 1962

  1. One of my fav memories is visiting the Griffith Observatory – have no idea when but the memory lingers. Thanks for posting and love always, L

  2. Al Donnelly says:

    The main foregrounds alway looked nice in those days. Undeveloped dirt trails are just out of view behind us. Big difference from the way they presented it in the “Terminator”. Looks like “The Rocketeer” needs to stop on by. And that (54?) Ford came from McCoy Motors in Anaheim (the license plate frame). Think Highway Patrol’s Dan Matthews (Broderick Crawford) could have tracked ’em down with that VJE 42 partial?