Original Brown Derby restaurant, Wilshire Blvd, circa 1953

Original Brown Derby restaurant, Wilshire Blvd, circa 1953I always love coming across a photo of the original Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd that I haven’t seen before—especially if it’s in color! My friend at the Petersen Automotive Museum tells me that the red car on the right is a 1953 Buick, so I’m going to say this was taken circa 1953. I’ve also never noticed our striking the red sign for the London Shop (menswear) was. I’m thinking they needed to do something to put everyone’s attention from the iconic eatery.

Brown Derby Wilshire Blvd neon sign

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2 Responses to Original Brown Derby restaurant, Wilshire Blvd, circa 1953

  1. What a great picture of a great restaurant. The original Brown Derby Cookbook is still available at Amazon. I know this because I recently ordered one for a friend
    (yellow hardcover, copyright 1949) & it was in much better condition than my copy, from which (as a bride) I learned to cook. Owner Bob Cobb was as nice a human being as you could ever find.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Such a rotten shame it’s gone. Wonder if that group crossing the street just came from lunch at the Derby? Thanks for posting this, Martin.