Hotel Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd at Highland Ave, 1906

Hotel Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd at Highland Ave, 1906I found this one on Dave DeCaro’s ever-interesting website. It shows us the Hollywood Hotel in its very early years – 1906, which means the place had only been open for 3 years, before the hotel underwent its westward expansion toward Grauman’s. We can tell it’s still new by the trees – they’re still very young and have yet to shade the front of the hotel as they would in years to come. And if we look very closely we can see the official name was “Hotel Hollywood” instead of the other way around as it would later be known.

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One Response to Hotel Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd at Highland Ave, 1906

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Can you believe this is what the most famous boulevard in Hollywood once looked like?! Could be any sleepy little country town! My grandma was 1 year old when this pic was taken and, like the Grapes of Wrath family, came out here from Nebraska in the early ’20s with everything including the kitchen sink tied onto their jalopy! I wish the family had settled in LA but they came up to No. CA instead.

    Always been drawn to the Hollywood Hotel. Maybe I once stayed there in a previous incarnation!

    Thank you, Martin, for posting this. And happy first day of Spring. It’s raining here (Hayward, CA) but I’ve been seeing robins out and about for weeks!