Tom Breneman’s, Vine Street, Hollywood. 1947

Tom Breneman's, Vine Street, Hollywood. 1947Here we have a terrific night shot of Tom Breneman’s on Vine Street in the block north of Sunset. The 1940s were the halcyon years for radio (before that cunning little upstart, television muscled its way in) and one of the most popular shows was Tom Breneman’s “Breakfast in Hollywood.” From 1941 to 1948, this unscripted morning show featured lots of audience participation from fans who lined up as early as 5am to take part. Breneman originally hosted it in the former Tropics nightclub, but he later bought the Hollywood Recreation Center bowling alley next door, and converted it into a restaurant and radio studio.

Tom Breneman's "Breakfast in Hollywood" - sponsored by Ivory Flakes

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  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Love these night shots from the Golden Age in Hollywood.

    More good info on Tom Breneman’s

    Thanks, Martin.