Bob’s Big Boy drive-in restaurant, 3130 East Colorado, Pasadena, June 1956

Bob’s Big Boy drive-in restaurant, 3130 East Colorado, Pasadena, June 1956We’re looking at a Kodachrome of a Bob’s Big Boy drive-in restaurant aka “Home of the Big Boy.” There were several locations – this one was at 3130 East Colorado, in Pasadena, and was taken in June 1956. You don’t see many cars painted the color of the one in front (1956 Dodge.) This is about as 1950s as a photo can get, if you ask me.

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3 Responses to Bob’s Big Boy drive-in restaurant, 3130 East Colorado, Pasadena, June 1956

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Used to eat at the one on S. Baldwin in Arcadia as I didn’t live too far (late ’80s) Think it’s now a Coco’s. Bob’s was always busy, good food. Makes one wonder why they closed since business seemed to be thriving.

    Who’s in the mood for a thick shake and thin pan cakes (note the separated words) as advertised in this 1940 shot of a Los Angeles Bob’s before the words “Big Boy” were added.

    Little history of Bob’s

    Unfortunately there’s no Bob’s Big Boy in No. CA where I live. If I want a thick shake, loaded double-deck hamburger and hot fries, I need to skip on down to Los Angeles. Hmmm…sounds tempting!

    Thanks, Martin!


  2. Re Drive-ins: Hi Martin – was talking with Bob Turk (my 90 year old forever friend) & we were bemoaning the fact that there are no more drive-in restaurants or theaters.
    They were so handy. Will send you pic of my 2 day old Great grand-daughter – I am so happy. Love, Lou

  3. Jean Hunter says:

    Louella, first – congratulations on your new baby great-granddaughter! What is her name? Oh, I have no doubt you are just thrilled to the moon and back again!

    RE: the lack of drive-in restaurants and theaters. We lost our last drive-in theater years ago, probably the ’80s sometime. I think the last time I went, in my second-hand white ’63 Chevy Impala Supersport, took my great aunt and 2 sisters. Darned if I can remember what we saw. I also remember my mom packing us kids in our old clunk station wagon with the back seats down, us kids in our pajamas, blankets and pillows. There were two drive-in theaters situated next to each other and you could turn around and soundlessly watch whatever was playing in the other theater. There was also a playground down below the screen next to the snack bar. My mom wouldn’t let us play there, but I do remember hitting the snack bar jammies and all haha. Mostly remember the drive home, snuggled up in the back, dozing off. Lots of memories.

    We have a Sonic drive-in restaurant here in Hayward. You can either park in the stall and the carhops come to you or use the drive-through. I don’t know if you can also eat inside as I’ve yet to stop. Yelp reviews are generally good, but do indicate the menu is extensive however expensive! When you’re watching your pennies, well, every penny counts!

    Take care – hi to Martin!