Inside the Los Angeles Railway yellow streetcar, circa 1929

Inside the Los Angeles Railway yellow streetcar, circa 1929I find shots like this really interesting. We rarely get to see what the inside of LA’s streetcars looked like. This is circa 1929—I love the fur-collared coat and cloche on the woman exiting the streetcar. But get a load of that curtain around the driver! I guess it’s there so that he doesn’t get distracted by the kewpie doll flappers who’ve come to make it in the talkies.

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One Response to Inside the Los Angeles Railway yellow streetcar, circa 1929

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Wonder if the kewpie doll flappers all sounded like Betty Boop?!

    I used to ride the hard wooden-slat seated St. Charles streetcar to and from work in the Quarter when I lived for a time in New Orleans. At least these Los Angeles yellow streetcar seats were padded!

    Here’s a pic from the red car that ran throughout Hollywood:

    From the article:

    “Notice the pull-down window shades. The tubular frame seats were mounted on a swivel so they could be turned around by the crew at the end of the line. The padded seats were upholstered in green mohair.”

    Here’s the article with more interesting pics and info:

    Thanks, Martin.