Bullocks department store, Westwood, Los Angeles, 1936

Bullocks department store, Westwood, Los Angeles, 1936Here we have a shot of the Bullocks department store in Westwood, in 1936. It harkens back to a more genteel style of shopping, doesn’t it? No vast parking lots, no Black Friday stampedes…

Bullocks department store, Westwood, Los Angeles

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2 Responses to Bullocks department store, Westwood, Los Angeles, 1936

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Beautiful exterior. Makes me wish it still looked like this. Of course, I always think of Louella when you post Westwood pics, Martin.

    Here’s a shot of the interior of the original Westwood Bullock’s store:


    Thanks, Martin.


  2. Oh my! This is the Bullock’s where we did all of our shopping when we lived in Westwood. I especially remember the yarn department where my mother bought her yarn and the kind ladies who helped. I am left-handed & there were no instructions
    available for lefties at the time; I learned to knit by observing (1942) and have been a knitter & crocheter ever since. Am now 85 and just finished knitting a blanket for my new Great Grand-daughter! Love always, L