Tom Breneman’s Hollywood Restaurant, Vine Street, Hollywood 1947

Tom Breneman's Hollywood Restaurant, Vine Street, Hollywood, 1947From 1947, here we have a glorious color photo of Vine Street, Hollywood, looking north toward Hollywood Boulevard. Most prominently, we can see the Tom Breneman’s Hollywood Restaurant, which became famous when Breneman started hosting his “Breakfast in Hollywood” radio show which aired from 1941 to 1948 on the Blue Network, which would morph into the ABC after the war.

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One Response to Tom Breneman’s Hollywood Restaurant, Vine Street, Hollywood 1947

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Love this glorious golden-hued shot, so quintessential Golden Age of Hollywood complete with palm trees, the mix of cars, newer to rust on the bumper. When folks still dressed up even just to window-shop. Isn’t that the Hollywood Plaza in the backdrop bathed in the stark white sunlight?

    Here’s interesting info on Breneman’s restaurant:

    And info on the Hollywood Plaza:

    From the article: In something of a requiem for the Plaza, columnist Jack Smith wrote, “The big stars might be drawn to the Hollywood Hotel or the Garden of Allah, but the Plaza had the characters.”

    Wish Breneman’s was still open for ham ‘n’ eggs.

    Thanks, Martin.