Traffic snarl along Wilshire Blvd at Kenmore Ave, Easter, 1941

Traffic snarl along Wilshire Blvd at Kenmore Ave. Gaylord Coffee Shop on corner, 1941These days, peak hour traffic along Wilshire Blvd can be slower than molasses in Montana, but I assume when this photo was taken at the corner of Wilshire and Kenmore Ave in 1941, this traffic snarl (you’ll see it’s in both directions!) was unusual. Turns out, this was Easter Sunday and the Miracle Mile Easter Parade – actually the aftermath of the vehicle parade. I wonder if any of those motorists were tempted to duck into the Gaylord Coffee Shop for a cup of joe and a donut to pass the time.


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2 Responses to Traffic snarl along Wilshire Blvd at Kenmore Ave, Easter, 1941

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Whatever’s going on here, there’s a traffic jam on the sidewalk too. And folks watching something up on the balcony. The traffic cop with arms akimbo looks like he’s about ready to throw in the towel. Pity the poor guys on the side street trying to cut into all this!

    Think I’ll duck into the Gaylord for a cuppa joe and a sinker, Martin. Care to join me?


  2. Pey-droh says:

    Miracle Mile runs from Fairfax to La Brea. La Brea is a long, long way from the Gaylord building, which was across Wilshire from the Ambassador Hotel. If those poor people on the sidewalk have walked all the way from La Brea, they’ll NEED some sustenance at the Gaylord Coffee Shop!

    I can point out that the black Cadillac sedan trying to make a left onto Wilshire is in fact a 1941 and I think the black car in the lower right corner is a 1940 Packard Limousine. The car in the center lane next to it looks to be about a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine.