The breakfast nook at Pickfair, Beverly Hills, 1920s

The breakfast nook at Pickfair, Beverly Hills, 1920sThis is the breakfast nook at Pickfair. I can easily picture Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks breakfasting there before heading off to the studios. I like that (what I assume to be) teapot and creamer set on the sideboard, but I’m wondering what those two things are on the floor under the sideboard? Paintings? Mirrors? Oh, and I do wish someone would replace that kaput light bulb on the left.

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One Response to The breakfast nook at Pickfair, Beverly Hills, 1920s

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    As picture-pretty as this is, and no doubt the furnishings ARE very lovely, it always comes across as too staged for me. I prefer the “lived-in” look like the Gloria Swanson pic you posted on your Facebook page, Martin hahaha

    Shame this room however no longer exists thanks to a lack of love and respect for the Golden Age of Hollywood!

    Thanks, Martin.