Greyhound Depot, downtown Los Angeles, circa late 1950s

Greyhound Depot, downtown Los AngelesRemember when people used travel all around the country by Greyhound bus? To tell the truth, I don’t, but I sure remember movies of people taking the Greyhound bus all over. This was the Greyhound depot for Los Angeles, located at the corner of 6th and Los Angeles Streets in downtown. From the fins in that car at the center, I’d say this was 1950s and the depot looks like it pretty busy.

Greyhound Depot, downtown Los Angeles

And how it looks in March 2015:

Greyhound Depot, downtown Los Angeles, March 2015


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One Response to Greyhound Depot, downtown Los Angeles, circa late 1950s

  1. George Staib says:

    Hi Martin: Thanks for the photos of the old Greyhound Terminal. I used the Greyhound line to take me back and forth to Salinas, CA, when I was in the Army at Fort Ord, CA. This was in 1960. After I disembarked from the bus at Salinas I would catch another one to go the 26 odd miles to Fort Ord. At the time Fort Ord was a military training center for draftees and enlistees. The red car in the photo also gave me some memories. I used to ride the Pacific Electric Red Car from Baldwin Park, CA to the station in El Monte while I was going to school. Thanks again for the memories. George