Shirley Temple’s bungalow at 20th Century Fox, 1936

Shirley Temple’s bungalow at 20th Century Fox, 1936When I first saw this house, I thought, “That looks like a nice place to live in.” And then I realized: it’s Shirley Temple’s bungalow at 20th Century-Fox! Achieving extraordinary fame at such a young age, and surrounded by such luxury, it’s remarkable how level-headed and grounded Shirley grew up to be, and a testament to what a remarkable person she was. This photo is dated 1936, when Shirley would have been 8.

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2 Responses to Shirley Temple’s bungalow at 20th Century Fox, 1936

  1. Given Shirley’s childhood, isn’t it a miracle she grew into such a remarkable adult?
    I attended her 10th (I think) birthday party held at 20th & received what now would be called a wide-angle photo of Shirley and all her guests – sadly it got lost during one of my moves over the years. Love always, Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    I’d love to live in that sweet bungalow too, Martin. Goes to show you how much the studio thought of this multi-talented little money-maker to build this for her. There will never ever in my belief be another child star in the likes of Shirley. Nor one to grow up as dignified and unspoiled. The mold was broken with Shirley.

    Wonder if that is a religious symbol on the roof top or I guess just an ornament?

    Here’s a pretty linen postcard of Shirley’s studio bungalow:

    Shirley on her swing:

    And a close-up of that flower-crowned archway as Shirley and her teacher pass through:

    Thanks, Martin.