Vine Street Brown Derby in color, 1980s

Vine Street Brown Derby in color, 1980sAlthough I tend to focus on photos of LA and Hollywood from during the time my books are set (up to around 1960), I still wanted to post this one of the Vine Street Brown Derby. The Brown Derby restaurants are so intrinsically woven into the history of Hollywood that I love to see the evolution of them—especially in color. This one closed after a fire in 1987, so this is pretty much how it would have looked at the end. I love that it still had its derby-shaped sign on the roof, but I also love that by the 80s it was so well known, they only painted “The Derby” over the front door.

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2 Responses to Vine Street Brown Derby in color, 1980s

  1. Oh thank you Martin! I spent more time at that Derby than any other restaurant ever and loved it more than any other other. Bob Cobb was an amazing family friend always. My Aunt’s office was in her home and Bob was the one person who could visit without notice. My daughter was born on Dec. 19 and Bob sent over Christmas dinner for us from the Derby. Such an extraordinary human being and restauranteur. Thanks for the memories and love you always. Lou.

  2. MARTIN great pictures i use to go to the juice place next door…lol it really is tragic that we can’t save the history….very depressing, cheers deniel.