Arthur’s Jewelry Store, Huntington Park, California, 1937

Arthur's Jewelry Store, Huntington Park, California, 1937Give me a beautifully lit store at night, and I’m a happy lad. This photo is from 1937 and show’s us how Arthur’s Jewelry Store in Huntington Park looked at night. Those four-face clocks-on-a-pole were a frequent sight back then, but I really love the way “ARTHUR’S” is back-lit in silhouette.

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One Response to Arthur’s Jewelry Store, Huntington Park, California, 1937

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    An August night in noirish 1937. Love these kinds of pics. I wonder if Arthur’s was still open as it’s brightly lit. Don’t see many places (or I don’t at least) where you park head-in at the curb anymore. Love the clocks. Pic is so real I feel like I can just walk right into Arthur’s at 7:50 pm and buy me a diamond ring haha!

    Here’s another jewelry store clock – the William Stromberg shop that catered to the stars – located on Hollywood Blvd. right next door to the Warner theatre. Bet they got a lot of foot traffic with that location. And the clock was handy to make sure you caught the feature next door on time! Ah, those were the days…

    Thanks, Martin.