Thomas Ince Movie Picture Co, Culver City, 1920

Ince Triangle Studios, Culver City, in 1920The studios at 9336 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City have operated under many names:

  • Thomas H. Ince studios (late 1910s-early 20s)
  • DeMille Studios (late 20s)
  • RKO-Pathé studios (early 30s)
  • Selznick International Pictures (1935 to 1946)
  • Desilu Studios (1957 to 1968)

In this photo we can see them in its earliest incarnation as the Ince Studios with its iconic front building perhaps most famously seeing at the start of Gone with the Wind when it served as offices for David Selznick. They are still around today, known now as the Culver Studios.

Ince Triangle Studios, Culver City, in 1920, later Goldwyn Studios, which became MGM, now the home to Sony Pictures Studios Aerial view of Ince Studios or the Pathe Exchange Studios (also known as Culver Studios) located on 9336 Washington Blvd. in Culver City

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  1. Allen Myerson says:

    Then The Culver Studios and Laird International