Villa at the Garden of Allah Hotel

Villa at the Garden of Allah HotelI just discovered this photo of the Garden of Allah on Dave DeCaro’s always-interesting Davelandblog site. I don’t know which villa this was, but it gives us a wonderful idea of what life at the Garden of Allah was like. I love the little touches, like the way the banisters at the bottom of the steps curve out outward; that decorative square-within-a-square near the roof; and that urn at the top of the stairs – it could have been lifted from the set of the Marlene Dietrich 1936 movie, “The Garden of Allah.”

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2 Responses to Villa at the Garden of Allah Hotel

  1. Great pic! Happy 4th and love to you and Bob from your forever friend Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Sad that money-driven souls couldn’t care less about tearing these beautiful buildings down.

    Happy 4th of July!