Beverly Theater, Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, circa 1938

Beverly Theater, Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, circa 1938Here we have a spectacular night view (circa 1938) the Wilshire Blvd & Beverly Dr. corner taken from the roof of the building that now houses Nike Town Los Angeles. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is on the far right, and the building near the center with the unusually shaped dome is the Beverly Theater (1925 to 1977, demolished 2007.) But what really catches my eye is that parking lot between Beverly Dr. and Rodeo Dr. I’m so used to that area being so packed that it’s shocking to see it virtually empty.

And here’s a daytime aerial photo taken around the same time:

(1938) Aerial view looking southeast over the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive showing the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Note all the empty land south of the hotel

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