Club Seville - 8433 Sunset BlvdIn January of 1940, the address of 8433 Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip became known all over the world as Ciro’s until 1957. In 1983 it became the Comedy Store, which is still is. But before all that, it was known as Club Seville, which opened New Year’s Eve 1935 and featured a crystal dance floor with subsurface fish, fountains and colored lights in its Crystal Marine Room. Now, THAT I would love to have seen!

Advertisement for the New Year’s Eve, 1935 opening.

Advertisement for opening of Club Seville, Sunset Blvd, New Year's Eve 1935

In 1938, Club Seville closed, then reopened as Marcel Lamaze restaurant, however it did not last long. Marcel would then go on to open Café La Maze at 9039 Sunset Boulevard.

Advertisment for the opening of Marcel Lamaze Restaurant 8433 Sunset Blvd, 1938

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  1. I too would have loved to have seen this. My love of color began with the fountain on NE corner of Wilshire & Santa Monica Blvds. with the rotating colors. I was totally transfixed by it. Your friend, Louella.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Wish this area was still uncluttered and tasteful. Frankly over the years in my opinion it has deteriorated into an overbuilt, jumbled mess, including the Comedy Store!

    I’ll bet that Crystal Marine Room floor show would have been something else!

    Thanks, Martin.


  3. Allen Myerson says:

    Just west was the famous brothel whose name now escapes me. Casa Del Sol?