Sunset Strip, facing west, Los Angeles, 1939

Sunset Strip, facing west, Los Angeles, 1939Boy oh boy, do I ever wish driving along the Sunset Strip still looked like this! We’re looking at the Sunset Plaza section of Sunset Boulevard, heading west, in 1939. Those charming one- and two-story buildings are still there and yet the feeling in this photo is completely lacking in the frenetic energy that encompasses you as you drive down the Strip these days. Not that frenetic energy is a bad thing, necessarily, but I’m sure the drivers in this photo aren’t nearly so exhausted as their contemporary counterparts are by the time they get home!

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One Response to Sunset Strip, facing west, Los Angeles, 1939

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    You and me both, Martin. Wish Hollywood cared about its past. Thank heavens you do and share with the rest of us who also yearn for days long before our time!

    Thanks as always –