Brown Derby Hollywood in color with 1956 Thunderbird

Brown Derby Hollywood in color with 1956 ThunderbirdI’m not sure which I’m enjoy more – the discovery of a crisp color photo of the Brown Derby, or the sight of that 1956 Thunderbird parked out front, or the idea of finding a parking spot on Vine Street right out front the Brown Derby. It wasn’t until I found this photo that I saw the Brown Derby had a lot going on: the coffee shop, the liquor shop, the restaurant, and the Record Room. One of these days I’d love to find an interior shot of the coffee shop—I only ever see the famous restaurant.

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2 Responses to Brown Derby Hollywood in color with 1956 Thunderbird

  1. Fantastic!!!! I loved that Restaurant SO much and Bob Cobb too. In addition I drove a ’55 T-Bird, which I bought (used) for $1500 and sold 22 years later for $7500, only because it kept breaking down. My all-time fav car. The color was aqua. So dumb of Ford to stop making them after only 3 years.
    LOP held her weekly staff meeting in the private room of the Derby, to which I was included (Was working at Y&R in Taft building half a block away). Bless you for posting this, love always, Lou.

  2. David R. Ginsburg says:

    Martin, I have an excellent 1957 color image of the 1628 No. Vine Brown Derby (without the eBay nonsense) if you’d like it. Cheers, David