Warners Theater, Hollywood Blvd, 1946

Warners Theater, Hollywood Blvd 1946This photo of Hollywood Boulevard isn’t of anything specific, but that’s kinda why I like it. There’s no big Hollywood premiere going on, no splashy restaurant opening. Just life in Hollywood in 1946. Maybe you have a dental appointment at Dr. Cohen, and afterwards get some new shoes at Florsheim, then pop across the street to Young’s, and then maybe go see “The Time, the Place and the Girl” at Warners. Then afterwards, can catch the streetcar back to the Garden of Allah.

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2 Responses to Warners Theater, Hollywood Blvd, 1946

  1. You are up early! Love this – in the background I see the Broadway Dept. store and catty-corner from that the Taft building where I slaved from 1950-1954. Love always, Lou.

  2. Jerry Selmer says:

    In 1953 I took a lovely young lady to the Warner’s Hollywood for our first date. We saw “This Is Cinerama”. Great fun. She and I have now been married for 61 years.