Central Casting office, Hollywood, 1929

Central Casting office, Hollywood, 1929If only all those thousands of people pouring into Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s (and 40s and 50s and…) knew that it was this these 14 people upon whom they rested their chance to break into the movies. This is the Central Casting office in 1929. According to Central Casting’s website, by 1922, there were an estimated 30,000 background actors and no system in place to regulate them. So the Central Casting Corporation was set up in 1925. I’m thinking the people in this photo worked long hard hours, and those telephone rang morning, noon, and night.

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One Response to Central Casting office, Hollywood, 1929

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    I never really gave any thought to how Central Casting’s office would look, but this is probably how I would picture it if I did. Lots of desks, overworked clerks and many many phones ringing off the hook at the same time!

    Interesting pic, Martin.

    Thanks –