MGM sale of its costumes and props, 1970

In 1970, MGM sold off its massive collection of movie costumes and props. Forty-six years later, I am still crying my eyes out.

mgm-studio-backlot-1970-the-sale-of-mgms-massive-historic-collection-of-movie-costumes-1 mgm-studio-backlot-1970-the-sale-of-mgms-massive-historic-collection-of-movie-costumes-1

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3 Responses to MGM sale of its costumes and props, 1970

  1. David R. Ginsburg says:

    Somewhere I have the catalog of its firearms armory, which was auctioned off around 1965. Pretty amazing stuff, very historical guns in their own right, and from movies. They turn up in subsequent auctions every now and again.

  2. I’m with you Martin. Love Blue & Lou.

  3. Jean Hunter says:

    Sad knowing there is no more MGM except in old photos, movies and in the hearts of the ones who still care.

    When I’ve been down in LA and driven by the old studio, I just shake my head at how changed it is. At least the columns on Washington are still there.

    Thanks, Martin, for sharing.