Interior of Romanoff’s restaurant, Beverly Hills, 1952

Interior of Romanoff's restaurant, Beverly Hills, 1952I was recently researching Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills for a scene from my next book. Regular commenter on my Facebook page—Susan Milner—helped me out by finding this shot from 1952. For such a super-popular and super-famous restaurant, I was surprised how plain the décor was. (Does anybody remember the color of those walls?) I do find it ironic that the only decoration is the faux emblem of the fake prince who owned the place: Harry Gerguson who went by the name of Prince Michael Dimitri Alexandrovich Obolensky-Romanoff. Even the restaurant biz is show biz!

This second photo is also from Susan. She wrote:

The above photo doesn’t show off the lighted murals on the far wall well. Here’s a photo of the far left side of this room that shows those wall murals (and the RR emblem on the back wall) better. The walls were sort of a grayed green at this point (we would call that shade deep sage today). The accent shades in this, the last Romanoff’s location, were light cream, dark brown and deep rose/almost burgundy. Some of the walls in the restaurant were covered in suede. The 2nd smaller back dining room had some modern art framed pieces. There was also one wall opposite what you see in the photo above that had an odd assortment of shapes done in a unique wooden very open lattice like wall enhancement.

Romanoff's restaurant Beverly Hills

“Prince” Michael Romanoff in 1949:

"Prince" Michael Romanoff

For more information on Romanoff’s, see my blog:

Romanoff’s – the quintessential restaurant in Make-Believe-Ville

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2 Responses to Interior of Romanoff’s restaurant, Beverly Hills, 1952

  1. Hi – my rehearsal dinner was at Romanoff’s.(1951). The food there was very undistinguished & the main attraction was “Prince Mike”, a typically wonderful Hollywood fraud. He had a very nice wife however whom I remember especially from a New Year’s Eve party at their home. Love, Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    We’re all very fortunate that Susan and Louella share their remembrances from the Golden Age of Hollywood! Lucky they are to have such fond memories!

    Thanks for sharing and to Martin too!