Kodachrome slide of Hollywood Boulevard in the 1940s

Kodachrome slide of Hollywood Boulevard in the 1940sFor my money, there just ain’t nuthin’ like a Kodachrome shot of Hollywood to bring it to vivid life. This is a shot of Hollywood Boulevard from the Cahuenga Blvd corner. (We can see part of the “DENTIST” sign of the offices of Dr. Beauchamp Dentistry.) The caption for this photo simply said “1940s” but with that “USO Club – one door south” banner, I’m thinking this is probably during WWII. Seeing the blue of the sky and the orange in the Owl Drugs signage reminds me that someone stopped in the middle of their busy life to capture a time and place that many of us can only dream about.

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4 Responses to Kodachrome slide of Hollywood Boulevard in the 1940s

  1. Simply marvelous! Thanks and love from Blue & Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Teeming with the vibrant hustle and bustle of life in 1940s Golden Age of Hollywood. Love those old twin lamp posts.

    Thanks, Martin, for sharing this gem.


  3. Al Donnelly says:

    The denitists are Green and Chase. A more permanent and worn USO sign hangs from the left lampost. The soldier in (brown?) uniform is an enlisted man based on the garrison style cap. Color film and gas were highly restricted during the war, yet there are several cars (post-war cars were just re-hashed versions of 1942 models). The banners, military ribbon like and possibly from VE or VJ day celebrations?) may be hung on old catenary wires left over when PE Ry. cars were pulled off The Great White Way (Hollywood Blvd.) in 1940. The women’s hairstyles are suggesting we are still close to the war period, so I would expect this may be 1945-1947. It took some time to return all the soldiers and wind down from the war just before Korea caused a whole new effort. [Under the semaphore signal is a highway route disgnation sign if that can tell anything.] Classic relaxed Hollywood day and probably a Saturday since there is an adolescent out of school in there. Stores stayed closed on Sundays.

  4. Al Donnelly says:

    Did I write that? Correction-Hollywood cars stayed in service to 1954. Banners were hung on the support wires at the same time, and even Xmas decorations.