Sunset Strip at night, Los Angeles, circa 1930s

Sunset Strip at night, Los Angeles, circa 1930sThanks goodness we had Life magazine to chronicle our life through the 20th century! Even though we can’t see a whole lot of detail in this night shot of the Sunset Strip circa 1930s, what we can see a whole lot of atmosphere: an intense ribbon of light along Sunset, pin pricks of light scattered in the shadows suggesting lives being lived and secrets being buried, and off in the distant right the glow of downtown Los Angeles promising who knows what mischief.

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2 Responses to Sunset Strip at night, Los Angeles, circa 1930s

  1. Hi – a good deal of my (mis)spent youth was spent on Sunset Blvd., may all-time fav street in all of L.A. Many a time I drove from one end (Pacific Ocean) to the other. Always interesting.
    Hope you guys have not melted in the heat. Well, this too shall pass; but when?
    Have you gotten the new book about Bebe Daniels by Charles L. Epting? On p. 126 there is a pic of Bebe & Ben Lyon’s wedding with L.O.P. as matron of honor.
    (Softcover edition). The following year (1931) they had a daughter Barbara Bebe
    I was born same year and she and I became close friends.
    All for now, with love from Blue & Lou.

    (but when?)

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Something about these night shots I really love. Just another big part of the Golden Age of Hollywood that gravitates me to it, I guess.

    Thanks, Martin.