Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd, circa early 1940s

Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd, circa early 1940sI’m a sucker for a good Brown Derby shot, especially if it’s the original on Wilshire Blvd. And thank goodness for cars to help us date photos like these. The car in the foreground is a 1937 Pontiac, darker car behind it is a 1940 Packard, so this photo is probably circa early 1940s. I love how the blurred action of the cars gives us a feel that the Derby wasn’t just a landmark, but an active business in a thriving community. I wonder if the woman waiting for the bus had just ducked in for a quick Cobb salad?

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2 Responses to Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd, circa early 1940s

  1. Hi – great pic of Derby, circa 1940. Bob Cobb would have been so proud. Love always, Blue&Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    I ate at this Derby in the late 70s. Wish I had gone to the one on Vine as well. But at least I can say I ate at the Derby!

    I also love these slice of life pictures. Wish things still looked like this.

    Thanks, Martin.