Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California

Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CaliforniaEven though I’ve posted a number of photos of the Hollywood Hotel at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave before, I thought this one showed what a quiet and genteel—almost rural stretch it was, and quite a contrast to the crowded and bustling jungle of shoppers, tourists, street performers and oddballs it is nowadays.

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2 Responses to Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California

  1. Hi – this pic of Hollywood Hotel represents why I prefer staying in Carpinteria and remembering Hollywood Blvd. as it was many years ago. Just wish we had known each other then – think of the fun we could have had!

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Louella, I can understand how you feel. Can you just imagine how our beloved stars from the Golden Age would react if they were to see Hollywood today?! I’m sure every one of them would thank their lucky stars they were gone by the time it descended into the hellhole it is now. Hard to look at Hollywood Blvd. before and now and realize just how far downhill it really has gone. The area around Grauman’s looks like a circus. Stripped of all its glory and glamour and dignity.

    Every time I see a pic of the Hollywood Hotel, I feel so at home. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I do think I must have been around back in the Golden Age!

    Thanks, Martin.