Paramount Pictures gate at night

Paramount Pictures gate at nightI don’t have a date on this night shot of the Paramount Pictures gate, but it looked like this for years. What I love about the way they’ve lit it. The lighting really shows the texture of the columns, and decorative motifs over the arch. And look at how the light at the back projects the intricate ironwork of the gates onto the walls of the arch. Really, it’s no wonder this gate has become such an icon of the Hollywood film industry.

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One Response to Paramount Pictures gate at night

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    I’d guess this was taken in the ’30s or possibly the ’40s before they took down the decor above the arch. By the time “Sunset Blvd.” was filmed, it was flat as a pancake above that arch.

    Here’s a short from late 1936/early 1937 with Adolph Zukor visiting Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray who were filming “Swing High, Swing Low”

    And this still from the short shows the ornate decor above the arch is still there. Note the “Cafe” sign on the left. I remember eating there many times when I was temping at the studio in the early ’80s.×640

    Thanks, Martin.