Flying-A gas station, Los Angeles, California

Flying-A gas station, Los Angeles, CaliforniaI don’t know when this Flying-A gas station was around, or where it stood, but you can bet that it was hard to ignore if you drove past it at night!

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2 Responses to Flying-A gas station, Los Angeles, California

  1. Love this! And love you. We got over an inch of rain during the night – hot damn!

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    So much detail – the guy inside, the canvas-backed “director’s” chair outside, the Champion spark plugs sign on the back building…love it!

    Here’s another shot of a Flying A station (looks like the ’20s) If your Model T has a flat or worse, there’s a garage conveniently across the way. Note the intricate scroll-work on the little roof above the gas pumps. Why don’t we see stuff like this nowadays?

    We’re having a day of rain up here (SF Bay Area) with the sun popping out now and then, a repeat of last weekend. Can’t complain after too many years of dry weather.

    Happy day before Halloween!