Waiting room of Los Angeles Union Station, 1939

Waiting room of Los Angeles Union Station, 1939There aren’t too many locations around Los Angeles that look pretty much the way they did when they were built — especially if they were built in the 1939s, as the Los Angeles Union Station on the edge of downtown was. This photo was taken in 1939, the year it opened, and with some minor adjustments, its waiting hall still looks pretty much like this. The walls on either side of the grand arch aren’t tiled using regular material. They’re covered in sound dampening acoustic tiles made from ground corncobs, which makes what could be a deafeningly echo chamber quiet as a library. I know some restaurants that could do with some!

Union Railway Station downtown Los Angeles

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One Response to Waiting room of Los Angeles Union Station, 1939

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Love these early black and white pics of Union Station. So glad it’s still there and looks pretty untouched.

    Here’s another beautiful shot from 1939 showing the tiled floors and high ceilings:


    Thanks, Martin.