Construction of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA, 1926

Construction of Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA, 1926Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has been such a fixture on the Hollywood cityscape that it can be hard to remember that it started out as a hole in the ground. Remarkably, someone though to take a photo of that hole. The project broke ground January 1926 so this was taken around then. We can see a glimpse of Hollywood Boulevard in the bottom left corner. But as we can also see in the background, Hollywood back then was mainly a suburban area with lots of houses, apartment blocks and trees, with not a tacky souvenir store in sight!

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2 Responses to Construction of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA, 1926

  1. Hi – was just wondering about Hollywood Blvd. west of Highland, which in my day was a really nice residential area. Those I knew there were my cousin Maggie Ettinger, Bob Cobb (next door to Maggie) and Charles & Elsa Laughton further west.
    He had an amazing collection of Pre-Columbian art work. Love you always, Lou.

  2. Jean Hunter says:

    Back in the early ’80s I lived on the extreme western end of Hollywood Blvd. Had a nice studio apartment and used to walk down the Blvd. to either the corner of Highland or La Brea (can’t remember which now) where (thankfully) I worked for a short period of time in a lawyer’s office. In looking back, I passed (across the street) from Carole Lombard’s house and never even knew it.

    Thanks, Martin, for this interesting shot of the beginnings of Grauman’s.