Hollywood Hotel with front archway

Hollywood Hotel with front archwayIf you approached the Hollywood Hotel by foot, you probably walked under this archway that stood at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. But if you were waiting for the Hollywood Boulevard street car, you also probably stood under it for shade, as these two ladies were doing. I’m also intrigued by that thing next to the fire hydrant on the left. It’s got a barrel and a sign that says “Jack Pot” – can anybody tell me what it might be?

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One Response to Hollywood Hotel with front archway

  1. Jean Hunter says:

    Boy, Martin, this is a great find and you certainly hit the “jack pot” on this one! Love any and all pics of the grand ole gal the Hollywood Hotel. I’m sure in a previous life I walked many times through that entrance haha!

    The “Jack Pot” sign could possibly be associated with a newspaper (appears to be a rack of papers below it) Maybe a contest of sorts? Newspapers must be free or on the honor system to pay as you pick up the paper.

    I think the two gals waiting for somebody or something in the shade adds a nice period touch (1930s?)

    Thanks for sharing –